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The office environment has been greatly reformed – ” god painted laser”

Autor: admin     Postzeit: 2018-10-04

Liaocheng Shenhua Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shenhua laser moved to the new office building in 2015, with a total height of 19 floors and an area of 1800 square meters, and the office environment has been greatly improved. the office belongs to a closed office and has set up special offices for special personnel, including international trade, domestic trade, after-sales departments, procurement departments and financial departments, with a total of about 105 people and a one-person-one-table system, giving staff a free and clear environment.
There is enough light in the office, the office is very quiet and peaceful, and the ground, wall and ceiling are provided with sound-absorbing and mute devices. Office equipment shall be arranged neatly, with reasonable layout, proper office space and seating space, and placed in the office
Put some flowers and trees, such as green dill and rich tree. Make the air in the office fresher and more elegant, and bring healthy and vigorous spirit to the office staff.
All the stairs are paved with red carpet to give customers the sense and enjoyment of beauty. There are also framed pictures on the wall, some of them are excellent employees of the enterprise, some are attending exhibitions, some are tourist attractions, etc.