690 laser cutting and engraving machine

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1. CE / FDA/ ISO Certified.
2. Precise cutting and engraving, high speed and easy operation.
3. Front and back run-through design for large materials processing.
4. LASER TUBE ,Life time up to 10000hours
5. Automatic up and down working table, automatic focus system, ensuring the best focusing and processing effect.
6. With rotary attachment, it can achieve fine engraving for various non-metal cylindrical and tubular materials.
7. Suitable for engraving and cutting a variety of non-metal materials.

Applicable materials
Leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, Plexiglas, wooden board, plastic, resin and other non-materials.

Applicable industry
processing industries of lager-scale engraving and cutting, such as garment, leather, clipping, cutting of template, package and printing, advertisement decoration, building upholster, art gift, computer embroidery, paper prod ct, acylic product ,middle density board ect. non-metal sheet precision cutting and other industries.


Laser power                60W/80W/100W/130W/150W(optional)
Laser type                  Hermetic CO2 glass tube
Power supply              AC220±10℅50 HZ/AC110±10℅50 HZ
Working area               600mmx900mm
Max moving speed        1500mm/s
Worktable                     Honey comb worktable/aluminium knife/steel nail(optional)
Locating precision         <0.01mm
Min shaping character    Character:3x3mm,letter:2x2mm
Operating temperature          5℃-35℃
Resolution ratio                 ≦4500dpi
Control configuration                DSP
Data transfer interface            USB(offline)
System environment                Windows 2000/Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Cooling way                              Water cooling and protection system
Graphic format supported           The file which CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD can identify
Compatible software             CorelDraw,AutoCAD
Cutting thickness                0-20mm(depends on different material)
Color separation                  Separation of cutting up to 256 colors
Sloping engraving              Yes, slope can be designed discretionarily
Cuts off the water supply the protection            yes
Machine dimention                    1770x1200x1150(mm)
weight                    200kg
packing                Plywood case
Optional parts               High-grade cooling system/imported focus lens/double-head
cylinder rotary / irregular rotary