SH-K40 Laser engraving machine for stamp

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Applicable Materials
Various non-metal materials,such as rubber, acrylic, plexiglass, bowlder, crystal, wood, plastic etc.

Applicable Industry
(1).Mainly used for engraving of non-metal materials: such as rubber,ox horns,wood,plexiglass,
atomic materials,crystal,bowlder, etc..
(2).Applying for processing of small-size artistic products. For the engraving of patterns and
characters on rubber,woodboard,bamboo piece,organic glass plank and cloth.The patterns and characters engraved are real to life and pleasing to the eye.
(3).For the engraving of titles, types,signs,patterns etc. On electronic parts, which will last for long time.


Laser Power          40W/50W(CO₂ glass tube)
Power Supply          AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10 60HZ
Operating Temperature         5°C-35°C
Max Engraving Area          300x200(mm)
Max Area for stamp       200x100(mm)
Software                  Corellaser/Moshi/Newlydraw/Newlyseal(optional)
Working Speed                0-10mm/s,0-30mm/s,0-50mm/s
Package                 Plywood case
Systerm                           windows98/2000/xp/windows7/windows8
Port                      USB port
Cooling Way               Water cooling
Warranty                One year(3months for laser tube and mirror)
Machine Dimension            800x500x250(mm)
Package Dimension            950x670x400(mm)
Net Weight/Gross Weight              28kg/45kg
Gross Power                       500W
Consumable Parts                   Laser tube
Optionals        Red dot/Air assistant/Diginal display/CW3000 chiller
Mainboard: corellaser/moshi/newlyseal/newlydraw
Worktable:fixture worktable/honey comb workable/up&down worktable
Color:blue/black/red/yellow/black/orange/green/pink etc